The glitches surrounding operation Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft have once again landed in media. An underside body panel apparently fell off a 787 Dreamliner operated by Air India as it made a landing on Saturday, the latest glitch for the high-tech jetliner. According to officials, an eight foot by four foot (2.4 meters by 1.2 meters) section of fuselage fell from the underside of the jet as it landed landed within the perimeter at India’s Bangalore airport.

According to a posting from the Times of India, the aircraft was enroute from Delhi to Bangalore with 148 passengers on-board when this incident occurred.  The aircraft itself was the ninth delivered to Air India and according to the Times report, had just recently entered service. The article includes a picture of the gaping hole which is described as the AC bay.  However, by our view on just glancing at the picture, it would seem that a whole lot of fasteners would have let go. The Times article makes further mention that Air India had experienced problems with the interior electric ovens used for food preparation.

Both Boeing and Air India have indicated there was no safety risk for the passengers while Boeing continues to investigate this incident.