The Supply Chain Matters blog alerts readers to the availability of Episode 3 of our new podcast series. In this episode, Founder Bob Ferrari speaks with Dr. Parag Khannaa leading global strategy advisor, world traveler and best-selling author.

Supply Chain Matters podcast

A widely cited global intellectual, Dr. Khanna provides commentaries for international media to include Axios, CNN Global, the Financial Times, among many others. Parag is the author of a trilogy of books on the future of world order and his latest book, The Future is Asian, was the subject of a podcast interview conducted by this blog in January of 2019.  We were thrilled that Parag had time from his hectic schedule to share his insights with our podcasting listeners.


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How advanced technology and population demographics will influence global sourcing of products, especially among other Asia countries besides China.
  • Whether China will always remain the world’s factory floor, simply because of the many years of investment in production, supply network and logistics capabilities.
  • What three regional clusters will dominate global trade in the coming decade.
  • Sustainability applied to global supply chains and whether lowest global cost will be replaced by needs for business and supply chain sustainability.

This is an interview with a highly dynamic thought leader that you do not want to miss.

Listen to “Episode 3-Conversation on Global Supply Chains with Bob Ferrari and Dr. Parag Khanna.” on Spreaker.


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