The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters blog jointly announce that our annual research report, 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains is now available for complimentary downloading.

Since our inception in 2008, and on a consistent annual basis, our research arm provides a series of supply chain management focused annual predictions which are monitored and scored for actual occurrence at the conclusion of each year. Predictions

Supply Chain Matters initially unveiled all ten of our 2020 predictions in early January, and our now published 40-page research report includes more supporting information and reference data.

Such predictions are provided to clients, technology providers and blog readers in the spirit of advising senior and line-of-business executives, multi-industry cross-functional supply chain management and supporting information technology teams a sensing of what to expect during the year. Our goal is to depict how likely global, regional, economic; business and industry trends will impact, and likely influence required supply chain management actions.

The context of these predictions include a broad cross-functional umbrella of what is today considered supply chain management, and includes areas of leadership and strategy, product management, strategic sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning and customer fulfillment, manufacturing, logistics, transportation and customer service management.

Predictions for the year 2020  umbrella an overall business climate reflecting considerable economic and business uncertainties to be evident in the year 2020. Thus far, events have indeed unfolded in the notions of the global wide disruption of industry supply chain brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, and by other global trade events.

Readers and clients can obtain a complimentary copy of this report by accessing our Research Center and completing a short report registration form. We also remind readers that we do not sell nor distribute blog user nor reader identity information to any third parties.

Through the year, this blog will feature additional background and updates regarding each of our predictions, in addition to other associated and related topics.

Thanks again for your continued readership.


Bob Ferrari, Managing Director and Executive Editor

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