We are thrilled to announce that Doctor Yossi Sheffi, the Elisha Gray Professor of Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he serves as Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) is our featured podcast guest for Episode 9 of the Supply Chain Matters Podcast series.

Professor Sheffi is a recognized expert in systems optimization, risk analysis and supply chain management and a noted author in supply chain resilience concepts. His latest book, The New (Ab) Normal: Reshaping Business and Supply Chain Strategy Beyond COVID-19, follows two other books related to business and supply chain resilience, and has been garnering rave reviews.

Supply Chain Matters podcast

In our podcast, Yossi discusses his principal goals and motivations for writing this latest book that resulted in record turnaround time. We discuss the before and after COVID-19 aspects of industry supply chains, why certain approaches were successful in terms of business process practices, innovation and resourcefulness of supply chain management teams, as well as leveraged use of technology.

Our conversation moved on to the post COVIDnew normal” and what this implies for supply chain management teams. Areas of discussion include the tweaking of Just-in-Time inventory management processes to factor for added risk, what the book describes as the “China + 1” supply network strategy, and the implications of accelerated supply chain digital transformation for the year 2021 and beyond.

A further topic of conversation is the supply chain management function’s changing digital skill gaps that need to be addressed and what MIT CTL program efforts have garnered in training needs for future supply chain leaders.

Readers are now welcomed to listen to our conversation by clicking below.

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