The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of Episode 8 of our Supply Chain Matters Podcasting series.

In this episode, moderator Bob Ferrari speaks with Jim Bureau discussing the trends and changing skill needs for procurement and strategic supply management professionals in the new era of supply chain digital transformation.

As Chief Executive Officer, Jim Bureau is responsible for procurement technology provider JAGGAER’s overall vision to transcend customer experience by providing intuitive and intelligent spend management technology that allow clients to transform their supply chain. He brings more than 25 years of leadership experience.

In our conversation we observe that the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic remains a significant challenge among global planning, execution and supply management teams. They remain engaged with various product demand and supply management disruptions as well as response. The pandemic has further provided reinforcement that many businesses and their supply chain management teams will need to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Discussed are the challenges and opportunities related to the sourcing of indirect and especially direct supply management needs, not only for COVID, but what we can be expected in the “new normal” of likely continued disruptions.

Other topics of discussion are the procurement function’s readiness to add and leverage digital technologies, the changing digital skill sets that may need to be addressed, along with obvious process opportunities.

A final topic is that of managing supply risk in strategic sourcing of direct materials, and the notions of balancing cost, risk or any other factors in light of the learning of COVID-19.

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