The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of Episode 7 of our Supply Chain Matters Podcasting series. In this episode, moderator Bob Ferrari speaks with well noted supply chain industry analyst Roddy Martin discussing the challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical and life sciences patient demand and supply networks.

Roddy Martin, an icon in the supply chain industry analyst hall of fame and now an industry thought leadership contributor and presence for Tracelink, Inc.

A former AMR Research and Gartner analyst, Roddy brings a wealth of experience, insights and thought leadership among various industry supply chain landscapes, particularly pharmaceutical and life sciences customer demand and supply networks. Among prior roles Roddy has served as a Partner within Accenture’s Life Sciences industry segment as well as in technology marketing roles at CCI, Oracle, Infor and Kinaxis.

Roddy has further worked with global companies on elements of end-to-end business operating model, supply chain transformation and other transformational initiatives. The list includes P&G, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Biogen, Nestle and many others.

Today Roddy serves as the Chief Digital Transformation Officer for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry Cloud technology provider Tracelink, as well a coach, mentor consultant and subject matter expert for numerous consultants, technology providers and manufacturers.

In our recorded conversation Roddy describes pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains from the perspective of traditional business processes and supporting systems to what is now being talked about as Digital Patient Centric Networks. We discuss whether the COVID-19 disruption provided an added impetus toward outside-in, network focused planning and decision-making processes.

Further shared are the opportunities for moving toward digitally focused patient demand and supply networks and the notions of Multi-Enterprise Digital “Patient Centric” networks built and architected on digital platforms.

Finally, Roddy introduces what is being termed as the Agile Supply Chain Credo, creating resilient end-to-end supply chain network best practices, describing for listeners perspectives and principles that are part of this credo.

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