With the support and collaboration of Supply Chain Matters sponsor Kinaxis, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, our research arm and parent, is pleased to announce the publication and availability of a new Research Advisory: Concurrent Planning in a Period of High Supply Chain Management Uncertainty.  Ferrari Consulting and Research Group Research Report

Today’s multi-industry line of business, supply chain management decision-making and resource planning environments are increasingly becoming more complex, dynamic and dependent on continual changes in business and product demand and supply resource requirements. Organizations need to be prepared for continued higher levels of global supply chain risk, complexity and overall uncertainty.

The purpose of this newly published April 2019 Research Advisory is to provide an aid for multi-industry senior management, line-of-business and supply chain management focused technology selection teams to better understand and assess what planning capabilities lend themselves best to periods of high business uncertainty, while at the same time provide the foundation for required movement toward more digitally-based business process and decision-making capabilities.

It is equally important for industry supply chain management teams to understand and weigh the business process focused differences between sequential planning and the tenets of a concurrent or more responsive integrated business planning capabilities.

We further address important technology evaluation and assessment criteria that should be weighted in such an environment where time-to-value and overall cost take on more important considerations for senior management.


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