With the support and collaboration of Supply Chain Matters sponsor Nulogy, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, our research arm and parent, is pleased to announce the publication and availability of a new Research Advisory: The Increased Importance of Integrating Agile Postponement and Product Packaging Customization Among Consumer Goods Supply Networks.

Research- Integrating Agile Postponement


The future of the on-demand economy rests with customers and consumers expecting a seamless buying experience.  This new, and now permanent, era of retail is that of accommodating personalized needs of consumers in either product, selection, or channel order fulfillment needs. The term “The Amazon Effect” has clear meaning and new trepidation for many consumer goods brands manufacturers, retailers, and service providers.

Within this new era, smaller players are out-performing established players because of their increased agility in time-to-market for products that consumers desire, their persistent innovation, and their deployment and leveraging of virtual customer demand and supply networks that emphasize agility and more synchronized decision-making.

In this Research Advisory report, noted supply chain industry technology and business process analyst Bob Ferrari indicates:

A new reality is that many branded companies have found that the build-out of more agile or more late-stage customization strategies now requires increased reliance and partnering with extended supply network participants such as contract manufacturers and primary and/or secondary packagers. The concept is now one of establishing a federated network and how enabling parties share trusted data and information that ensures all parties understand key milestones, material flows, and where bottlenecks are occurring.”

Market disruptors practice more timely innovation of new products with customization of products, shorter production runs or dynamic product postponement processes. Established players are now starting to adopt similar methods and are increasingly turning to established and trusted contract manufacturers, copackers, and third-party logistics as strategic extensions of the supply chain.

Increasingly, supply chains will morph into dynamic, digitally enabled response networks that will include contract manufacturing and associated services providers dynamically linked in speed to market, coordinated material and capacity, and synchronization of processes. They will manifest more agile principles and more synchronized individual and network-wide decision-making.

The content of this report includes:

The Concept of Digitally Enabled Response Networks

Changing Consumer Goods Industry Supply and Demand Network Landscapes

Supply Chain Management Realities and Opportunities- A Federated Network

Integrating Agile Postponement and Product Packaging Customization Among Consumer Goods Supply Networks

Business Case Studies and Results

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