Like many of our readers, in my travels and encounters with various people I am often asked about what we do or what role we fulfill for clients.  Since our blog provides us the opportunity to converse beyond a 30 second elevator pitch, and with your indulgence, I would like to briefly describe each of our roles.

Upon founding the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group three years ago, we wanted to address what we viewed as growing gaps that were developing in the area of global supply chain industry research, management consulting and product marketing service needs.  Having previously successfully contributed in traditional roles as a noted industry analyst, product marketing executive, technology consultant and change agent, my belief was that there was a growing need for a hybrid, more cost affordable model for delivering important services to the market.

Our business model was therefore designed to address three broad market needs:

  • Independent supply chain industry analyst services leveraging social media mediums
  • Supply chain management consulting within global business processes and information technology needs.
  • Education, market influence and management education in the important contribution that supply chain fulfills for achieving business strategy goals.

Allow us to briefly share comments regarding each area.

Independent Industry Analyst Services

Specialized industry analyst services directed at supply chain strategies have dramatically changed during these past three years.  Former marquis named firms such as AMR Research have been subsumed through acquisition, and access to talented and insightful analysts diluted by broader business development needs.  Continual analyst turnover leads to a lack of continuity, grounding and industry perspective. The Internet has also brought forth a revolution in information access, the ability to seek out experts in a specific area. This has led to the growing interest in seeking out independent industry analysts, those that have built a personal brand and are unencumbered by  firm internal politics or conflicting business development interests.  It is within this backdrop that the Supply Chain Matters blog was created, providing experienced industry analyst insights without the need for an expensive annual subscription that umbrellas multiple business process or technology areas.

Even though certain technology vendors are paid sponsors of this blog, we maintain our insistence to provide unbiased viewpoint, commentary and insights on developments concerning multiple industry supply chains.  We are not shy in taking a viewpoint on Supply Chain Matters, or in individual consulting with various clients.  Our sponsors support such thought leadership.

By the way, this blog can actually be accessed through three different web addresses.

Supply Chain Focused Consulting

When readers find us through this blog, they have the opportunity to seek out follow-on consulting services in specified supply chain process areas.  Our consulting services address the specific needs for both manufacturing and service provider supply chains, as well as the various technology providers seeking to solve specific supply chain focused process needs. Specific services are outlined on our primary web site ( ) . If your organization has such needs, give us a call for a no-cost initial evaluation.

Education and Market Influence

The third and by no means least role is one of providing education to the broader supply chain management community.  We do this through a number of mechanisms including our blog, social media dialogue, speaking within industry or technology vendor conferences or speaking within various corporate venues. Our education is focused on learning, sharing of evolving business and technology needs as well as important developments that teams need to be aware of.  If your organization is in need of such education, give us a call or send us an email.  Our contact information or inquiry forms are located at each of our web sites.

In summary, if your organizational needs call for independent, experienced and insightful analysis, and not expensive, marginal value consulting delivery models, than by all means give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to solve supply chain related business needs.

Contact us via email: supplychaininfo <at> theferrarigroup <dot> com.

Bob Ferrari, Managing Director