We are delighted to report that in the month of November 2011, the Supply Chain Matters blog experienced the highest readership volume since our founding in 2008.  Our domain had over 51,000 visits last month, with over 21,000 being unique, first-time visitors.  Thus far in 2011, readership is up 40 percent, with reader duration times exceeding four minutes.

Once again we would like to express a shout-out and sincere thank you to all our readers. While we are not a big organization that spends lots of money on self-promotion, our readership volume and loyalty is a tribute to the fact that supply chain teams seek quality, unbiased content and perspective. We are also being  recognized  by others as one of the top ten blogs commenting on global supply chain management.

Look for more features and sponsors in 2012 as well as the publishing of our Annual 2012 Predictions starting next week.

Sincere thanks.

Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor