Hi, I’m Bob Ferrari, the managing director of the supply chain consulting arm of The Ferrari Research and Consulting Group.  My background related to the practice of supply and value chain management includes former supply chain industry analyst roles at both AMR Research and IDC, consulting and implementation roles for software integrators, technology marketing leadership roles at two technology companies, including SAP, and many years of practioner experience in supply chain planning and execution.  You can view my full biography here.

 In this blog, I will provide my unbiased views, insights, and reader education into today’s burning topics surrounding the managing and deployment of global supply chains.  While there are many topics as well as bloggers in this area, I will provide focus on a critical few. Having viewed this area from many spectrums and constituencies, my goal is to present a balanced and insightful view of key strategic topics. The goal here is to advance our collective learning, and I welcome your comments and posts. Bob Ferrari