Earlier this month The Baltimore Sun published an article describing how Alan Wilson, the CEO of McCormick & Company not only personally responded to an email from a consumer, but offered to have his supply chain team search the company’s warehouse for supply of a previous discontinued seasoning product.

This article describes how the parents of a five-year-old Atlanta girl were disappointed to discover that their favorite spice was suddenly missing from grocery store shelves.  Parents of small children can readily relate, since the five year old would not eat any fish at all without this seasoning. As a last resource, they sent a direct email to the CEO of McCormick which was answered the same day. It seems that the parent’s email resonated with Wilson who indicated that he had to re-locate his family many times in his career and knew all too well how kids get focused on specific routines.

Within a week, the discontinued spice was located in a warehouse and the entire available supply was shipped to these parents at no-cost providing them a lifetime supply of the product.

Supply Chain Matters has previously featured commentary regarding Alan Wilson.  In a May 2011 commentary highlighting speakers of the Supply Chain World North America conference sponsored by the Supply Chain Council, we noted that Wilson’s career background is anchored in roles in supply chain management and was great to observe a CEO who could also clearly articulate the firm’s strategic business goals in terms of required impacts on the firm’s supply chain.  Another important strength brought forward was McCormick’s strong emphasis and reinforcement of corporate culture being the fabric of the company, including its investment in people.  During the darkest days of the past global recession, McCormick continued to invest in people and in benefit programs. That strategy continues to pay dividends in corporate culture.

thumps_upSupply Chain Matters therefore extends our Thumbs-Up recognition for McCormick and its CEO Alan Wilson, for demonstrating true individual customer responsiveness.