It’s Friday, and readers have more than likely had a challenging week.   Thus, this is a good time to feature some bizarre and whacky postings for readers to appreciate, so here goes.

A Mega Printing Snafu

A Business Insider via Yahoo Finance posting reports that the U.S. Bureau of Engraving screwed-up in the printing of 30 million brand new hundred-dollar bills. That represents $3 billion in currency that more than likely will have to be re-inspected or scrapped.

The posting points to the occurrence of “mashing’, when too-much ink is applied to paper causing the ink to run. According to this report, the bills were actually shipped out to Federal Reserve banks for distribution with the mashed unacceptable bills intermixed with passable bills.  That motivated the Fed banks to return the entire batch demanding their money back. Talk about customer dissatisfaction.

This new $100 bill was original targeted for introduction in 2011, but encountered an initial printing error causing the bills to be printed with a blank spot.  Later, thieves made off with a large shipment.  The Bureau must now work to correct this latest snafu and meet a deadline of October 8th for general circulation.

So if you think your supply chain team has been working on the product launch from hell, consider the plight of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving.

Hold on to those used U.S. $100 bills.


A Drunken Episode Gone Awry

A posting on the China based CRI web site via Cargo Business Newswire reports that a drunken man in the Chinese city of Qingdao awoke to discover he was trapped in an ocean transport container suspended more than 65 feet above the ground. Now get this- the inebriated man had evidently mistaken the container for his apartment as he returned  at 4 a.m. in the morning from his drinking endeavors.

The container itself was scheduled to be shipped to the United States via container ship the following day. Fortunately, when this man awakened, he had his cell phone with him and called his friends, who then contacted the local police. Apparently, other containers were already placed under and on top of the container this man mistook for his apartment. About 40 police officers from the Qingdao Development Zone eventually located the container within the staging yard after repeated calls to the man’s mobile phone to have him bang and make noise in the container. More than 60 dock workers joined the search including the removal and shuffling of containers to allow removal of this man. He was later released by police authorities after being detained. Readers can view actual photos of this episode including the man being taken into custody on the CRI English web site.

 I suppose the moral of this story is to insure you have a photo of your apartment so you won’t confuse it as an ocean cargo container. Or maybe that is that the other way around.

The takeaway for this episode is the following- If you are going to get totally inebriated, do not live or work near an ocean container facility.  Certainly not if your residence entry door resembles a truck trailer lock.


Send us more bizarre stories and we will consider running a periodic series.