Last week, there was a noteworthy announcement concerning efforts directed at ensuring global wide interoperability standards related to Internet of Things (IoT) technology deployments.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the global member supported organization that is promoting accelerated growth of IoT adoption, announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) to work together in helping to insure ensure interoperability for the Industrial Internet across China. IIC has released a framework to support development of best practices and standards related to IoT data security and has further developed a Business Strategy and Innovation Framework that defines at a high level, efforts of process, people, and technology that an enterprise will need to address to effectively capitalize on IoT enablement initiatives.

CAICT serves as a research arm under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This academy serves a specialized think tank and development lab for China’s industry and government efforts. Joint CAICT and industry development efforts have involved areas such cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing and 5G mobile networks.  The academy has been collaborating with ARM, Intel, and Huawei Technologies to establish the Edge Computing Consortium, an effort to ensure that information and operational technology elements of the Industrial Internet can integrate.

IIC is also collaborating with its European counterpart, Platform Industrie 4.0, in pooling interoperability expertise that can insure a compatible systems and security framework.

With an active Liaison Working Group, the IIC is helping to move the needle in global standards consistency, and now with collaboration in best practices and standardization efforts that umbrella China, Europe and the United States, there is potential to streamline and accelerate efforts toward consistency in standards and practices in a timelier manner.

Line-of-business and functional supply chain teams currently contemplating or directly contributing to internal IoT or Industrial Internet focused initiatives should monitor the ongoing efforts and planned deliverables of IIC and its global-wide strategic partners.

Bob Ferrari

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