The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, through this channel of the Supply Chain Matters blog provides a clarification regarding a previous released Research Advisory.
On June 11, this blog announced the  availability of our Research Advisory: The Morphing of Supply Chain and Enterprise Business Planning: Process-People-Information Considerations. The objective and purpose of this research advisory is to update supply chain, IT and line-of-business management and process team readers on changes occurring in supply chain, business planning and decision-making processes and how such processes are morphing into the need for a singular, integrated business planning process and decision-support capabilities.
To clarify for our clients and readers, although this research advisory was commissioned by Vanguard Software Corporation, the report was provided as independent thought leadership regarding next iterations of integrated business planning.
In announcing the availability of the research paper, a Vanguard Software press release erroneously linked a prior Supply Chain Matters blog posting by this Editor, published in the context of announcing the blog sponsorship of Supply Chain Matters, to the included content of the now available research advisory.
Our published independent research does not serve as an endorsement of any specific technology or services provider. Opinions related to specific technology suppliers are provided only in blog postings.
Bob Ferrari
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