Regular readers of Supply Chain Matters will note that I have penned a number of commentaries concerning ongoing incidents of supply chain risk or disruption.  When I comment on an incident, I prefer to outline the various supply chain response and mitigation techniques that may be at play in a particular incident as a means to share learning.  I often incorporate these real-world examples in my consulting and training efforts related to supply chain risk management (SCRM).

When I deliver executive workshops, I’m often asked to share some helpful resources or web sites that can be accessed to learn more about the leading-edge thinking for SCRM.  I myself utilize Jan Husdal’s site. This site serves as a conduit to interesting articles, research papers, books and web sites focusing on SCRM, business continuity, and other related topics. Jan is a researcher with the Transport Economics Research Group at Moreforsking Molde Research Institute in Molde Norway, and engages in transport modeling and cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects.  He previously served for more than 15 years as government advisor in vulnerability assessment, safe community planning and crisis management with several Norwegian government authorities. His background provides a wealth of experience toward providing a conduit of interesting and leading-edge information related to SCRM.

As many readers may well relate, I don’t often have the time to read in detail the many research articles that can be generated on a topic.  With SCRM and business continuity becoming an ever more critical concern for businesses, more attention and research is now being placed on the topic One of the greatest benefits I get from is Jan’s ability to summarize the highlights and conclusions of the most interesting findings, allowing me the ability to dive into these papers for more nuggets of information.

I communicated with Jan a few days ago to both make him aware of Supply Chain Matters and suggest that we exchange Blogroll reference listings.  Jan responded that his site doesn’t feature a Blogroll, and instead published his review of this Supply Chain Matters site in the context of ongoing SCRM commentary. I was pleased and humbled to note Jan’s commentary.

For the record, Jan and I have never personally met each other, nor are there any associations among our two sites.  We are just recognizing the quality of each other’s writings.

In your ongoing efforts to address strategies to identify and mitigate supply chain risk, I recommend you set a bookmark to

 Bob Ferrari