Concerns for cyber warfare take on many dimensions in the world of social media.
Major web destinations such as Facebook, Twitter and others remain under the looking glass of governmental regulatory and national security agencies.  Supply Chain Matters blog
If social-media based users have not noticed, both Facebook and Twitter are now engaged in proactive efforts to take-down suspicious accounts suspected of being bots for trolling or proliferating fake news or false reports. Their user numbers are suddenly dropping because of the need to police and scrutinize their platforms.
Among the many insights that Supply Chain Matters has communicated to our various industry supply chain focused readers, has indeed been urging teams to monitor systems for security vulnerabilities or suspicious activities. Yet another reminder to this growing threat was just posted.
As a popular social-media destination, we certainly applaud all such efforts.
Our readers may have perhaps noticed that our Supply Chain Matters listing of Twitter followers dropped from a level of close to 22,000 followers for many prior months, to now 10,000 practically overnight.
We were not the only popular Twitter site to experience this result, as we noticed that many web personalities commenting to the sudden loss of Twitter or Facebook followers.
For the record, in its entire existence, Supply Chain Matters has NEVER engaged or participated in a campaign to secure a trove of phantom Twitter followers. As Founder and Editor, I was determined to maintain an editorial principle that the quality of our content would drive growth of our social-media followers. We will never seek out the services of web trolls to boost our web ranking,  and this site will continue to have that goal and perspective.
However, we must admit should have taken the time to perform additional audit analysis of our Twitter followers.
In any case with our grateful for our current level of loyal social-media based followers, which we anticipate will continue to grow.
As others, we will accept the sudden drop as an indication that the overall quality and creditability of social media platforms must be preserved for the sake of all.
Once again, a sincere thank you for your continued readership and following of the Supply Chain Matters blog.
Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor