Supply chain professionals who are working with SAP as their ERP backbone, or any collection of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) applications more than likely are aware of the SAP Insider publications.  This organization not only produces publications and articles specifically directed at the SAP installed base community, but also sponsors a series of quality conferences and training events on key supply chain management process and information management needs. I have in the past had the opportunity to speak at some of their conferences and the Insider teams go to extraordinary lengths to insure that presentations deliver a learning experience.

At the recent SAP ASUG and Sapphire Conference held in Orlando, Bob Croce, Product Director of Wellesley Information Systems, the parent group, invited me to view the new Insider Learning Network and I was very impressed with the content and options available for community members. This community was established to help SAP users network and exchange related learning and information with other individuals, or to find expert advice or educational opportunities.  You can also perform your own blogging with other members of the Insider Community. The community can be a further social media option for your needs in SAP applications knowledge. 

You can view an introduction and sign-up for this new network at the following Insider Learning Network link

If you do decide to join, look for my name as a connection.

Bob Ferrari