I am very pleased to inform readers that the month of August provided yet another milestone in the overall growth of Supply Chain Matters readership.  Not to bore you with statistics, but in the spirit of “proud father”, there were over were over 5000 views and 1200 unique visitors to this site in August, representing an 85% increase since June.  There are also now over 4300 hits from established bookmarks, doubling the number from June.  I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your continued interest and participation in this forum.

I started this journey of blogging back in mid-February with a two-fold strategy in mind.  First, that this blog could differentiate itself in the broader blogsphere by providing a different slant of advisory information, stimulate debate, and educate readers on what I believe to be the key topics in supply chain management and technology.  The blog title was chosen to reflect my belief that there is a continuing need to educate readers on the important aspects and critical strategies involved in managing global supply chains. Second, this blog also serves as a marketing instrument to my consulting and other advisory skills for clients. Like any other start-up business, I placed more early emphasis on open sharing of advisory information so that clients and prospects could get a sense of the consultancy.

Any venture needs to have an economic model to sustain itself, and Supply Chain Matters is no exception.  While I continue to believe that plastering this site with all sorts of search engine marketing advertisements dilutes the site for readers, some select sponsorships will help to insure needed investments in upgraded user features and scope of coverage. I have plans for adding podcasts, video, and other interactive features, but all of these require investment.  So if you are a supply chain technology, consulting services, or software provider, and find this site valuable for promoting thought leadership and education, please contact me at supplychaininfo@theferrarigroup.com. Select sponsorships are now available.

Bob Ferrari