At the beginning of this year, I communicated some goals for 2010, one of which was to incorporate more up-to-date changes to Supply Chain Matters in terms of site layout and functionality.  I am pleased to communicate that in the next few days we will be incorporating a brand new and updated look to this blog.

Visitors will notice a more visually appealing site since we are upgrading to a new WordPress theme more appropriate for the type of commentary we communicate.  There will also be more readily available features, including the ability for readers to directly subscribe to either RSS or email updates of Supply Chain Matters postings.  Readers will also have the ability to directly sign-up for our mailing list.

Other features which I am also excited about is our ability to now conduct interactive live polling on key issues and concerns within the global supply chain community, with the ability of participants to obtain instantaneous feedback results.  We will also have the ability to incorporate broader media options into our postings, and visitors will enjoy the ability to scroll all postings in an easier manner.  For the convenience of our broad array of international visitors, there is a readily available translation utility for use by readers who would like to view commentary in their native language. This new site template will also provide us new abilities for adding new web pages and other exciting features in the coming months.

There will be no need to change your ‘Add to Favorites’ or existing web subscription since the Supply Chain Matters web location will remain the same.

Stay tuned for a new and more updated look for Supply Chain Matters. We may also be adjusting some screens as we work through the go-live in the next day or so.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor