Supply Chain Matters has featured a variety of prior commentaries concerning the current resurgence in U.S. manufacturing. Recently, Al Powell, Vice President of Sales at Serus Corporation called our attention to a WiredYouTube video that features an inside look at Tesla Motors manufacturing facility in Fremont California.

This three minute video takes the viewer inside the predominantly vertically integrated factory that literally transforms coils of sheet metal to fabricated car bodies through automated processes. Tesla’s Model S electrically powered automobile is produced in 3-5 days, starting with rolled sheet-metal to rolling off the assembly line. Included is a look at the totally automated paint and body shop along with the general vehicle assembly line that supports an inside-out process. Notice that some of the advanced robots are able to change their own tools and perform different assorted assembly tasks.

We were fascinated by watching this video.  It provides a look at how innovative advanced manufacturing techniques can provide a competitive edge for U.S. based manufacturing.  We can just imagine how the proposed Tesla gigafactory will look like.

Readers can view the video by clicking on this web link.