Executive Editor and supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast discussion regarding futures in logistics networks.
Within our Ferrari Consulting and Research Group predictions for the current year was a belief that major parcel transportation and customer logistics networks would step-up their competition for the mindshare and broader influence of larger numbers of online customers or E-commerce platform providers. That indeed continues to unfold, with literally billions being invested in increased logistics and customer fulfillment capabilities on a global-wide basis.  Logistics
In the three to five-year window, we stated our belief that multi-industry and global supply chains will witness the creation of Network of Networks as business strategies and advanced technology align to future levels of capability
Consider today’s analogy of shared rides, where shared-ride vehicles branded as Uber Didi Chuxing, Lyft, MyTaxi, BlaBla Car and others, traverse urban streets waiting for online engagement. Consider the notions of a shared network resource, where technology engages the closest available transport service that meets defined criteria, along with choices in total services cost.
Such scenarios begin to apply to logistics fulfillment platforms with branded names. Consider online customers being offered choices such as same-day or next-hour virtual courier, FedEx, UPS, national postal carrier, each with a cost and service bid offered to the customer. Consider existing online retailer platforms offering the same choices but with owned or contracted carriers.
Available Podcast
In a recently recorded two-episode podcast, Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari, and Guy Courtin, Vice President, Industry and Solution Strategy, Infor Retail, exchange thoughts on the topic: The great logistics network-of-networks is coming.
In Episode One, both discuss the business forces and technology trends that will bring about the deployment of such capabilities.
We invite you to enjoy: The Great Logistics Network of Networks Discussion on GT Nexus’s Talking Logistics.