A Different Alternative for Warehouse and Inventory Management

I recently had the opportunity to speak with both the CEO and the VP of Products of SmartTurn a somewhat innovative start-up out on the west coast.  SmartTurn specializes in on-demand (software as a service based) warehouse and inventory management applications and caters primarily to mid-market companies. The company claims over 100 customers to date, primarily in wholesale distribution, contract logistics, food service, healthcare and other distribution sensitive businesses.  It has been competing in the market for about a year and a half, and presents a marketing byline as the Salesforce.com of warehouse and inventory management.

But putting the marketing aside, I was taken back by the cost affordability of functionality that is provided for customers.  This company openly states that it charges $500 per month per warehouse for an unlimited amount of users, which is somewhat attractive when one considers other alternative applications in the market.  My observation to Jim Burleigh, the SmartTurn CEO was how could he afford to offer such functionality at such a reasonable cost. The obvious answer lies in volume of customers.

Integration tools to link services with existing applications are broad, providing support for four different levels of integration. Another advantage presented by these integration tools is the opportunity of a quicker deployment.  The company claims its average customer implementations range from two to three weeks.

So if you’re a smaller operation who needs decent warehouse and inventory management software support application, you may want to investigate SmartTurn.

Bob Ferrari