Our Supply Chain Matters DNA includes constantly being on the lookout and evaluating impacts of new technology applied to business problems.  Today, we came across an article citing a mobile smartphone app that we feel is brilliant.  It addresses the solving a business problem from both customer and supplier needs and requirements with a simple design with mobile platform use.

This “app” is called Hailo and it was designed to make hailing a taxicab within a major city easier and far more efficient. It was built on the design principle for being able to hail a taxicab in two minutes and was launched in London in late 2011. Here is a link to the New York City web site.

As noted in a write-up published in Entrepreneur cabs can spend up to 60 percent of their operating time cruising about looking for a fare. The architects of this app sought the direct input of both the people desiring to hail a cab and the drivers themselves. As the founders and designers note in the article, they needed to create both the best passenger as well as driver experience. Functionality helps drivers with important news feeds on traffic conditions and where potential pickup surges are located. Further included are a digital logbook and resource planning support needs designed by three cabbies with lots of practical driving experience.

This app is available for free download and U.S. passengers pay a fee ranging from 99 cents to $3, depending on city and time of day.   In international cities, drovers pay a 10 percent commission. The app can collect the fare via stored credit card data, crediting the driver or the taxi company.

According to the write-up, this service is now available in eight cities with the city of Tokyo scheduled for later this year. Hailo has supported rides for 3 million passengers and 30,000 cab drivers, and has amassed more than $50 million in funding to-date.

Not a bad track record for any packaged software.

What we were impressed with was the notion of solving the business problem based on provided the benefits for both sides of the demand and supply equation in such a brilliant manner.

Readers having utilized this app are welcomed to share their experience in the Comments area below this posting.