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2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Three

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues its series of unveiling 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, highlighting a prediction calling for unprecedented levels of global supply network management challenges in the coming year.

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2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part One

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues its series of unveiling 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. In this Part One posting, we explore our first prediction as to what to anticipate from an overall economic and activity level perspective.

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The Brinkmanship of Brexit Presents Added Industry Supply and Demand Network Decision Needs

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on the latest state of affairs relative Brexit, the planned exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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Supply Chain Matters at Oracle Open World 2018- Dispatch Five

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari attended the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference held in San Francisco. In this Dispatch Five update, Bob highlights what he tweeted as one of the most profound panel discussions he has witnessed as a supply chain management industry and technology analyst.

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Walmart’s Blockchain Technology Mandate- Have Prior Mandates Provided Industry Learning

Walmart has declared yet another supply network technology mandate and the open question is whether prior learning, technology maturity and needs for industry buy-in have provided necessary learning. In this industry analyst editorial commentary, Supply Chain Matters explores the purpose, actions, industry governance and technology considerations that involve such mandates.

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An Industry Example of Sudden Supply Chain Disruption and Risk

In these times, dynamic and unplanned changes in either product demand or supply dimensions can impact just about any industry supply network. One evolving example involves agriculture and food supply chains, specifically the U.S. pork industry. The U.S. based pork industry is currently experiencing a lot of dramatic disruptive change on both product demand and supply dimensions.

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Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War Front- September 20, 2018

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our September 20 update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global and industry supply chains.

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Catastrophic Storms Florence and Mangkhut Have Industry Supply Chains On Alert

Hurricane Florence and now Typhoon Mangkhut continue to impact both the U.S. and portions of Asia. Multi-industry supply chains continue with activating disruption and risk mitigation measures in a critical period.

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Another Wake-Up to Active Supply Chain Wide Cybersecurity

Last week, a major global factory and equipment control systems provider warned of potential malware infected USB drives, potentially infected within a third-party supplier’s documentation imaging process. Although the malware was well known and can be mitigated, the development is yet another reminder of the comprehensive threats of supply chain wide vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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