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Supply Chain Disruption in North American Automotive Production Sector

Yet another unplanned supply chain disruption has made business media headlines, this one impacting North America automotive related manufacturing because of the after effects of a destructive fire that occurred at a supplier facility. While the bulk of media headlines are focused on Ford Motor Company, other automakers have been impacted to various degrees.

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The Nation’s Procurement Professionals Gather in Nashville at ISM 2018

The nation’s procurement professionals are meeting this week at the ISM (Institute for Supply Management) Annual Conference in Nashville Tennessee. The stated theme for this year’s conference is aptly named: Global Vision, Peak Performance, all of which will continue to be put to the test in the coming months.

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Boeing Reports Stellar Q1-2018 Financial Performance

Aerospace manufacturer Boeing pleased investors last week in reporting what can only be described as stellar Q1-2018 financial and supply chain performance. Included in the results was additional evidence of an optimistic strategy directed at aftermarket services.

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Another Multi-Day Pause in Tesla Model 3 Production

Supply Chain Matters highlights additional concerning news regarding the ongoing Tesla Model 3 sedan production ramp-up, news that points to 4-5 day shutdown this week with the implication of another high-stress period for the innovative Tesla brand.

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Airbus and Boeing Q1-2018 Operational Performance Points to Supply Chain Weak Links

Both Airbus and Boeing have reported on operational performance and exited the March 2018 quarter showing signs of supply chain strains, but Airbus is dealing with the most significant challenge.

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Q1-2018 Global Supply Chain Activity Points to Many Caution Signs

Supply Chain Matters has previously cautioned our global based readers that in the current period of robust global supply chain activity, there is a need to pay close attention to the caution signs. With Q1-2018 regional and country-specific PMI indices now reported, those very caution signs are having a discernable impact.

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Global Trade Actions: China Responds to U.S. Steel and Aluminum Import Tariff Actions

China has unveiled retaliatory tariffs on a reported 128 U.S. products that are imported into one of globe’s most significant economy. The actions were characterized as a response to the Trump Administration’s actions on imposing steep tariffs on certain steel and aluminum products imported from China.

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Time and Events are Waning Related to Tesla’s Model 3 Production Performance

Investment and business circles are becoming much more concerned with Tesla after a series of cascading events that have occurred. Now is the time for a clear experienced voice and accountability in operations management.

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North America Lumber Price Hikes and Supply Shortages- Are Similar Type Scenarios Destined to Occur?

Supply Chain Matters highlights current significant price hikes and severe supply shortages occurring in the North America based lumber supply sector. The same scenario could play out in metals under similar conditions.

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U.S. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Activity Reaches 14 Year High: Once Again-Warning Signs

February 2018 data related to manufacturing and supply chain activity continues to reinforce a boom period. The indices for U.S. wide activity, particularly point to ongoing operational challenges occurring among multiple industry supply chains. While teams remain incredibly busy in day-to-day challenges, Supply Chain Matters again raises caution signs for the need to manage both tactical and strategic transformational needs.

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Supply Chain Disruption- A Fried Chicken Crisis Across the UK

Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to temporarily close most of its UK outlets after widespread shortages of chicken product occurred. Upwards of 550 outlets were impacted, forcing British media to coin the headline, “KFC Crisis” and some consumers to call their local emergency services office to complain of a chicken food shortage.

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Airbus’s Successful 2017 Full Year Performance- Critical Dependencies on Aircraft Engine Suppliers to Have a 2018 Repeat

Airbus reported 2017 full-year financial results indicating the pan-European global aerospace company overachieved on all key performance indicators. Operational performance was especially noted in the final Q4 quarter and the outlook for 2018 implies a very critical dependency on two aircraft engine providers.

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