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Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War Front- July 20, 2018 Edition

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our July 20 weekly update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global and industry supply chains.

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Supply Chain Matters Weekly Trade and Tariff Commentary

Events on the global trade and tariff front are moving at such a rapid rate, that the Supply Chain Matters blog has elected to provide a weekly update commentary, starting this week.

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Toys ‘R’ Us Liquidation- Another Painful Lesson for Suppliers

The announced bankruptcy of toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us has taken the retail industry aback from many different implications both retail and supply chain related. Perhaps the most troubling relates to supplier inventory policies, which will have more pronounced longer-term inferences for suppliers large and small.

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Apple’s Announcement in Achieving 100 Percent Renewable Energy Use- More Work Remains

Global consumer electronics manufacturer Apple indicated this week that the company’s ten-year old goal to have all owned facilities 100 percent powered by renewable energy sources has been achieved. While Apple deserves credit for this achievement, the scope of this announcement does not include major elements of its global supply chain.

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Airbus and Boeing Q1-2018 Operational Performance Points to Supply Chain Weak Links

Both Airbus and Boeing have reported on operational performance and exited the March 2018 quarter showing signs of supply chain strains, but Airbus is dealing with the most significant challenge.

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Airbus Remains Challenged with Aircraft Engine Deliveries

Commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus continues to manage the weakest and most visible link in the widely popular A320neo supply chain, that being consistent shipments of the two options of high technology fuel-efficient aircraft engines.

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North America Lumber Price Hikes and Supply Shortages- Are Similar Type Scenarios Destined to Occur?

Supply Chain Matters highlights current significant price hikes and severe supply shortages occurring in the North America based lumber supply sector. The same scenario could play out in metals under similar conditions.

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Airbus’s Successful 2017 Full Year Performance- Critical Dependencies on Aircraft Engine Suppliers to Have a 2018 Repeat

Airbus reported 2017 full-year financial results indicating the pan-European global aerospace company overachieved on all key performance indicators. Operational performance was especially noted in the final Q4 quarter and the outlook for 2018 implies a very critical dependency on two aircraft engine providers.

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Apple’s Fiscal First Quarter Financial Results- Record Performance Amid Growing Supply Chain Concerns

This week, Apple reported financial results for the company’s fiscal 2018 first quarter that ended in December and included the all-important holiday period. The highly followed consumer electronics manufacturer reported record results amid growing concerns for future products and supply chain capabilities.

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Airbus and Boeing Report 2017 Year-End Sales and Operational Performance

Both Airbus and Boeing declared that they each exceeded commercial aircraft net orders and operational delivery performance targets in 2017. The numbers would indicate far more evidence of an industry inflection point at-hand, one that has continued implications for the collective industry supply chain ecosystem for the next several years.

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