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Q1-2018 Global Supply Chain Activity Points to Many Caution Signs

Supply Chain Matters has previously cautioned our global based readers that in the current period of robust global supply chain activity, there is a need to pay close attention to the caution signs. With Q1-2018 regional and country-specific PMI indices now reported, those very caution signs are having a discernable impact.

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Trump Administration Now Threatening Tariffs on China Imports- Prepare for Industry Supply Chain Volatility and Active Scenario Analysis

Supply Chain Matters alerts readers to growing speculation that the Trump Administration is seeking to impose tariffs on upwards of $30-$60 billion of Chinese imports. Such tariff actions should trike immediate alarm bells for technology and other industry supply chains.

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U.S. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Activity Reaches 14 Year High: Once Again-Warning Signs

February 2018 data related to manufacturing and supply chain activity continues to reinforce a boom period. The indices for U.S. wide activity, particularly point to ongoing operational challenges occurring among multiple industry supply chains. While teams remain incredibly busy in day-to-day challenges, Supply Chain Matters again raises caution signs for the need to manage both tactical and strategic transformational needs.

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A Global Boom Period Brings Challenges and Important Signposts

Multi-industry supply chains are experiencing the most robust activity experienced in seven years. At the same time, many that are experienced in boom and bust cycles know all too-well that periods of rapid business expansion bring lots of operational challenges as well as strategic risks, namely that teams take their eye away from very important tactical and strategic transformational imperatives.

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Apple’s Fiscal First Quarter Financial Results- Record Performance Amid Growing Supply Chain Concerns

This week, Apple reported financial results for the company’s fiscal 2018 first quarter that ended in December and included the all-important holiday period. The highly followed consumer electronics manufacturer reported record results amid growing concerns for future products and supply chain capabilities.

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A Reminder for Chinese New Year Contingency Planning

This Supply Chain Matters blog commentary serves as a reminder to procurement as well as sales and operations planning teams that the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday begins in month. Ensure that final preparations have made with Chinese based suppliers to have an adequate supply of needed inbound inventories of manufacturing component parts, and to adjust lead-time expectations to reflect the seasonal nature of this holiday slowdown in component supplies and transport networks.

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Airbus and Boeing Report 2017 Year-End Sales and Operational Performance

Both Airbus and Boeing declared that they each exceeded commercial aircraft net orders and operational delivery performance targets in 2017. The numbers would indicate far more evidence of an industry inflection point at-hand, one that has continued implications for the collective industry supply chain ecosystem for the next several years.

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Spiking Air Freight Transportation Volumes are Warning Signs

Industry and business media report spiking shipping volumes in trucking, air freight and other transportation routings. Logistics and transportation industry teams are naturally euphoric, and view such trends with high optimism. Industry supply chain teams and shippers need to view such trends as a huge Caution sign.

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