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Foxconn’s Equity Investment in Vizio- Supply Chain and Manufacturing Play

An Asian based publication reported last week that global contract electronics provider Foxconn, and its LCD panel manufacturing arm Innolux, have acquired equity stakes in North America based television brand Vizio. This move has significance expanding the consumer electronics supply chain ecosystem in the U.S. for the production and assembly of televisions.

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Airbus Once Again Threatens Impacts of a Hard Brexit

UK based The Guardian reports that European based commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus has confirmed that the company has undertaken serious consideration regarding the sourcing of aircraft wing manufacturing among British factories because of the continued lack of clarity relative to Brexit consultations.

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Fallout from Tesla’s Job Action- Alleged Data Loss and IP Theft

Supply Chain Matters blog provides a brief follow-up regarding the impact of an announced layoff involving electric automaker’s Tesla’s salaried workforce. Tesla is pursuing legal action against a former employee for alleged data hack and potential compromising of intellectual property.

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Tesla’s Announced Job Action- Inevitable but Sober in Consequence

Electric automaker Tesla has informed employees of a 9 percent overall reduction in workforce, primarily impacting salaried positions. The implication is that Tesla’s new management structure will continue to have a high dependency on existing employees, and in various degrees of talent and expertise to rally and address the ongoing challenges.

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Today Marks Yet Another Significant Development in Global Trade

Supply Chain Matters points out yet another significant development in global trade that contributes to ever more growing uncertainties for global supply networks. Actions and alternative supply network strategies are already being undertaken.

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Report Indicating an Extraordinary Sense of Urgency for Tesla Model 3 Production

A published report indicates that Tesla is executing extraordinary actions in order to revamp automation of its lithium-ion battery production processes related to higher-volume production of its Model 3 sedan. The move is bold and is likely an indication of a revised strategy related to automation of battery assembly after an initial process faltered.

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Apple’s Fiscal Q2 Financial Performance- A Turning Point for Supply Chain Strategy

Apple reported its financial performance for the March-ending quarter, and investors seemed very pleased. Supply Chain Matters is of the view that the latest fiscal quarterly results represent a significant strategy inflection point for Apple’s hardware product supply chains.

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New ISO Standard to Improve Commerce and Data Integrity

ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) indicates in a recent press release that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland has published ISO 8000-115, a standard for authoritative and verifiable identifiers designed to improve the speed and accuracy of eCommerce and the supply chain. This new standard which was first drafted in 2015, is described as being an integral part of insuring for data quality and a stunning new standard.

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Boeing Reports Stellar Q1-2018 Financial Performance

Aerospace manufacturer Boeing pleased investors last week in reporting what can only be described as stellar Q1-2018 financial and supply chain performance. Included in the results was additional evidence of an optimistic strategy directed at aftermarket services.

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