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New ISO Standard to Improve Commerce and Data Integrity

ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) indicates in a recent press release that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland has published ISO 8000-115, a standard for authoritative and verifiable identifiers designed to improve the speed and accuracy of eCommerce and the supply chain. This new standard which was first drafted in 2015, is described as being an integral part of insuring for data quality and a stunning new standard.

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Toys ‘R’ Us Liquidation- Another Painful Lesson for Suppliers

The announced bankruptcy of toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us has taken the retail industry aback from many different implications both retail and supply chain related. Perhaps the most troubling relates to supplier inventory policies, which will have more pronounced longer-term inferences for suppliers large and small.

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Another E-Commerce Business Network Platform Provider is Taken Private

Supply Chain Matters highlights yet another logistics and supply chain technology platform provider being acquired by private equity firms. CommerceHub provides a distributed commerce B2B Business Network connecting supply, demand and delivery helping retailers and brands increase sales by expanding product assortments, promoting products on the channels that perform, and enabling rapid, on-time customer delivery.

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North America Lumber Price Hikes and Supply Shortages- Are Similar Type Scenarios Destined to Occur?

Supply Chain Matters highlights current significant price hikes and severe supply shortages occurring in the North America based lumber supply sector. The same scenario could play out in metals under similar conditions.

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Supply Chain Disruption- A Fried Chicken Crisis Across the UK

Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to temporarily close most of its UK outlets after widespread shortages of chicken product occurred. Upwards of 550 outlets were impacted, forcing British media to coin the headline, “KFC Crisis” and some consumers to call their local emergency services office to complain of a chicken food shortage.

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Walmart Spooks Investors With Financial Performance Results

Global retailer Walmart reported financial performance for the all-important 2017 holiday fulfillment period and fiscal 2018 and investors were not pleased. Today’s news is yet another indicator of the high growth expectations being placed on online retailers, and the continued challenges in transitioning to a combined online and physical retail fulfillment presence.

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Apple’s Fiscal First Quarter Financial Results- Record Performance Amid Growing Supply Chain Concerns

This week, Apple reported financial results for the company’s fiscal 2018 first quarter that ended in December and included the all-important holiday period. The highly followed consumer electronics manufacturer reported record results amid growing concerns for future products and supply chain capabilities.

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Report on Whole Foods Inventory Stockouts- Focus on the Implication vs. Symptoms

Supply Chain Matters comments on a published Business Insider report indicating a crisis of on-shelf availability of food items among Whole Foods retail outlets. The report is rather symptomatic of a challenge that many in grocery and retail online customer fulfillment need to tackle in the new retail model, which has other people, process and technology dimensions.

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Critical Nationwide Shortage of IV Saline Solution Now Becomes Highly Visible

Once again, a certain pharmaceutical and drug supply chain has become highly visible for shortages of critical life-saving medicine. This time, the causes relate to natural disaster, federal government response, and industry-wide manufacturing and distribution practices.

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