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Breaking- U.S. and Mexico Announce Bi-Lateral Trade Agreement

Supply Chain Matters provides a breaking news commentary to our ongoing updates and insights related to global trade and tariff tensions. Both the U.S. and Mexico announced today a bi-lateral trade agreement paving the way for Canada to participate in a NAFTA replacement trade agreement. President Trump however, is calling for renaming of this agreement, to obliterate the former connotation.

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The Globe’s Largest Pork Producer Caught in the Crossfire of Tariff Tensions

This Supply Chain Matters commentary serves as a side-panel to our prior posting: Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War August 24 , 2018. We wanted to highlight a perspective of a Chinese enterprise, who previously diversified into the U.S., also being impacted by ongoing tariff dynamics.

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Supply Chain Matters Thoughts on Tyson Foods Announced Intent to Acquire Keystone Foods

Consumer product industry and business media has been absorbing the news that Tyson Foods has agreed to acquire Keystone Foods, a key supplier to global restaurant chain McDonald’s Corporation. This development and indeed the unfolding strategy has both strategic and supply chain leadership storylines and implications.

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Report Highlighting Existing Out-of-Stock Challenges for Ordering Consumer Goods Online

Supply Chain Matters highlights a report released from Grocery Manufacturers Association indicating potential online sales losses for consumer goods due to out-of-stocks.

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FDA Weighs In On Recent E.Coli Outbreak Involving Romaine Lettuce

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has indicated that it cannot pinpoint the exact source of the recent E.coli contamination outbreak, nor what caused it. Needless, to state, this development is yet another wake-up call for food-based supply chain networks to increase efforts in product traceability and visibility, but that implies a significant change management challenge.

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Little Progress in High-Level Trade Talks Among China and the United States

Supply Chain Matters provides a brief but important update to our streaming blog commentaries on global trade developments. New developments that occurred late last week regarding trade talks among China and the U.S. add new credence of the continued negative implications for geo-political global trade policy shifts on multi-industry supply chains, and specifically, the Apple supply chain.

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Large Scale Recall of Shelled Eggs in the U.S. Brings Forward Past Incidents

There has been yet another incident involving a large-scale product recall of eggs in the United States due to suspected salmonella. This latest incident follows a spat of separate food related recalls involving salmonella contamination.

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A Milestone Day in Global Trade- CPTPP

Today, Thursday, March 8, 2018is significant for certain global supply chains. It includes the conclusion of celebrations of the Lunar New Year festivals and the initial signing of the CPTPP global trade agreement.

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Supply Chain Matters Attendance at 2018 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference- Part One

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides live dispatches from the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference held in San Jose California. Part One summarizes opening sessions.

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