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Reports of Softening U.S. Trucking Rates and Rising Global Logistics M&A are Not Coincidence

Supply Chain Matters reflects on reports of the potential for softening U.S. surface trucking rates this quarter, and a potential re-igniting of merger and acquisition activities involving global logistics carriers and services providers which should capture the attention of industry supply chain management teams as not being coincidence.

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Report of Current CEO Sentiment Levels Turning Cautious Has Implications for Supply Chain Management Transformation Initiatives

A widely followed measure of CEO confidence levels turned somewhat concerning in Q4. The implications for ongoing or planned supply chain management transformation initiatives is one for being very definitive in goal-setting and timing.

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Looking Back at 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part One

The Supply Chain Matters blog features Part One of a series of commentaries that look back and review 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains that were published by our research arm at the beginning of this year.

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Supply Chain Matters at Oracle Open World- Dispatch Three

This week, Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari is attending the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference being held in San Francisco. In this Dispatch Three commentary, we share insights on Internet of Thingsand Blockchain technology initiatives.

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Oracle Extends Cloud-based Transportation and Global Trade Support Capabilities

Oracle announced this month the latest quarterly releases of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle Trade Management Cloud. The quarterly release is noteworthy because of the current increased challenges, uncertainties and event volatility occurring in each of these key supply chain management business process support areas.

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July 2018 PMI Indices Point to Trade Induced Slowdown in Global Momentum

The various major July 2018 PMI indices reflecting global and major regional manufacturing and supply chain activity have published and provide further indication of what looks to be a global trade induced slowdown in multi-industry supply chain momentum.

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Supply Chain Matters Weekly Trade and Tariff Commentary

Events on the global trade and tariff front are moving at such a rapid rate, that the Supply Chain Matters blog has elected to provide a weekly update commentary, starting this week.

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The State of Logistics- The Obvious in Numbers and in Implications

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides its annual summary, perspectives and takeaways regarding the release of the 29th Annual State of Logistics report. In short, industry business as usual practices are no longer an option given the current trajectory of trends.

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Q1-2018 Global Supply Chain Activity Points to Many Caution Signs

Supply Chain Matters has previously cautioned our global based readers that in the current period of robust global supply chain activity, there is a need to pay close attention to the caution signs. With Q1-2018 regional and country-specific PMI indices now reported, those very caution signs are having a discernable impact.

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