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The Supply Chain Matters Q2-2018 Newsletter Has Published

Supply Chain Matters alerts subscribed and general readers that our Q2-2018 Quarterly Newsletter has published. Registered blog subscribers will find notification and links to the Q2 Newsletter in respective email inboxes.

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Report That Tesla is Seeking Additional Cash from Certain Suppliers

The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Tesla has requested some of its suppliers to refund a portion of the cash payable sums concerning what the company had previously secured in product component supply. The development was characterized as a surprising move in an attempt to help the electric automaker meet its near-term profitability goals and to preserve its cash needs.

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Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War Front- July 20, 2018 Edition

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our July 20 weekly update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global and industry supply chains.

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Tesla Achieves Crucial Model 3 Production Milestone in Q2- But With Extraordinary Effort

Electric powered automaker Tesla completed Q2-2018 achieving its critical milestone of producing over 5000 Model 3 vehicles in one week. However, from our Supply Chain Matters lens, the achievement was hollow, and not reflective of a sustained production cadence under predictive cost controls.

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Fallout from Tesla’s Job Action- Alleged Data Loss and IP Theft

Supply Chain Matters blog provides a brief follow-up regarding the impact of an announced layoff involving electric automaker’s Tesla’s salaried workforce. Tesla is pursuing legal action against a former employee for alleged data hack and potential compromising of intellectual property.

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Tesla’s Announced Job Action- Inevitable but Sober in Consequence

Electric automaker Tesla has informed employees of a 9 percent overall reduction in workforce, primarily impacting salaried positions. The implication is that Tesla’s new management structure will continue to have a high dependency on existing employees, and in various degrees of talent and expertise to rally and address the ongoing challenges.

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Report Indicating an Extraordinary Sense of Urgency for Tesla Model 3 Production

A published report indicates that Tesla is executing extraordinary actions in order to revamp automation of its lithium-ion battery production processes related to higher-volume production of its Model 3 sedan. The move is bold and is likely an indication of a revised strategy related to automation of battery assembly after an initial process faltered.

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Supply Chain Disruption in North American Automotive Production Sector

Yet another unplanned supply chain disruption has made business media headlines, this one impacting North America automotive related manufacturing because of the after effects of a destructive fire that occurred at a supplier facility. While the bulk of media headlines are focused on Ford Motor Company, other automakers have been impacted to various degrees.

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Another Multi-Day Pause in Tesla Model 3 Production

Supply Chain Matters highlights additional concerning news regarding the ongoing Tesla Model 3 sedan production ramp-up, news that points to 4-5 day shutdown this week with the implication of another high-stress period for the innovative Tesla brand.

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Time and Events are Waning Related to Tesla’s Model 3 Production Performance

Investment and business circles are becoming much more concerned with Tesla after a series of cascading events that have occurred. Now is the time for a clear experienced voice and accountability in operations management.

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